Dea Matrona

I’ve become that thing, in the eyes of some friends, a crazy old man worshipping young women! Two very talented girls, Orlaigh Forsythe and Mollie McGinn, sometimes with a younger sister (Mamie) or a session musician as drummer play music from the early 70s, as well as their own songs. On 6th June they performed… Continue reading Dea Matrona

I am a ????? photographer

I would have said I’m obsessed, addicted and passionate about photography, and have a lot of fun making all kinds of images. I don’t have a style or ‘brand’ and I’m not particularly interested in sticking to a particular theme or squeezing myself into a tiny corner. Last week I took the top three places… Continue reading I am a ????? photographer

Review by a Friend

My friend is an Irish literature professor who has a a way with words! I’d like to think there was some truth in them, but …. “David Wright’s world is an almost spectral place of profound famliarity and strangeness, full of natural visions plucked from the edge of morning or of night with a supernatural… Continue reading Review by a Friend

Seascape PS Workflow

I’ve made a video on my basic workflow for planning, capturing and editing a seascape image in Photoshop. It’s quite long, so I’ll just put a link here to it. It was a big file and had to be compressed and the video quality has suffered a bit.

Exhibition 2020

In 2019 I helped organise an exhibition of prints at the Riverside theatre in Coleraine for Ballymoney Photographic Club. I’m not on the committee this year, so I thought I would see if I could have a solo exhibition myself, and they took the chance (thank you, Roseanne S) that I would put up the… Continue reading Exhibition 2020

Little Fujis

The general mindset of the DSLR owner is to get, or aspire to, a full frame camera. Recently that has changed for many photographers.