Exhibition 2020

In 2019 I helped organise an exhibition of prints at the Riverside theatre in Coleraine for Ballymoney Photographic Club. I’m not on the committee this year, so I thought I would see if I could have a solo exhibition myself, and they took the chance (thank you, Roseanne S) that I would put up the images on time, not ruin their walls and provide something worth looking at. I managed the first two, but I’ll leave the third for you to judge.

From my experience with the club exhibition I knew I would have to show around 40 prints, so a single theme was out of the question. I decided to show some abstracts, some local landscapes, portraits, landscapes abroad, architecture, minimalist, auroras and milky way images.

Here are some galleries of the images on show. I hope you like them.




Local Landscapes

Landscapes Abroad


Auroras and Milky Way images

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